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15122 Spinetta Marengo (AL)

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The Company

Delta Project is an established multi-disciplinary company founded in 1992 as supplier of engineering services to users and engineering companies engaged in the development of new plants or enlargement of existing ones.

With an experienced engineering team organized on its own resources together with a group of valid external collaborators, Delta Project is able to deliver highly focused engineering services to the various planning activities of industrial plant engineering.

Delta Project qualified team is able to offer to its clients consultations on technical design, procurement, inspection and testing assistance feasibility & risk analysis, technical and bureaucratic practices, to obtain authorization from Control Institutes and Public Sector ones.

The relationship between supplier-client is the heart of Delta Project's policy. The achievement of this aim is the result of the continuous enhancement process of human resources through our constant updating towards progressive technological standards by an agile, dynamic, and efficient organization.

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Company Structure

  • Administration
  • Quality according to ISO 9001
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Mechanical & piping design
  • Instrumental design
  • Electrical design
  • Non-destructive testing

According to the extent of the project we hire external highly qualified collaborators.

Software tools

  • Autocad Inventor suite 2010 (3D Mechanical design)
  • Autocad 2014
  • ESA pro ISO (sketches)
  • ESA pro P&I (running diagrams)
  • ESA pro PIPING in 3D (3D piping design)
  • Dimensioning programs systems and electrical equipment
  • Dimensioning programs instruments and valves
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