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Project Management

Delta Project's first aim involves understanding of the strategic context in every project and identifying the most powerful way to adapt its business goals to the current imperatives.

We are fully aware of the importance of this process, that's why we use all the means at our disposal such as our knowledge, attitudes, techniques and facilities.

During our multi-phase projects, we carefully check every step and provide feedbacks about each stage, so that we can promptly carry out the most suitable corrective and preventive actions. In this way, our work will comply with the project management plan and all risks will be reduced.

Delta Project's goal is to optimize the allocation and integration of the inputs needed to meet the scheduled objectives.

Our competence to adapt to the changing strategic imperatives, is a prerequisite condition to guarantee the key issues of cost, time and quality following our client's requests. This is the reason why, after the award of the contract, a project team will be created, consisting of a project manager and a project leader for each discipline. This ensures the coordination with our customer and the resolution of every technical problem.

The engineers assigned to each discipline, who will ensure the respect of the milestones set during the kickoff meeting, will guarantee the project development.